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FCC Telemarketing Laws

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FCC rules
FCC Telemarketing Laws

​​FCC Regulations include those rules enforced by the Federal Communication Commission.  For example the TCPA or Telephone Consumer Protection Act is a federal law governing telemarketing and is enforced by the FCC.  The FCC has passed additional regulations clarifying and adding to the TCPA - click here to read these additional FCC regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations ("CFRs").  FCC regulations include rules regarding the national do not law list as well as the use of autodialers, prerecorded messages, fax and SMS text marketing.

Recently, FCC regulations were amended to impose even stricter robocall laws and autodialer laws.  These new FCCrules prohibit telemarketers from making telemarketing calls using artificial or prerecorded messages, or to call a cell phones using any form of automatic telephone dialing system unless the telemarketer has prior written consent.

FCC regulations in the TCPA allow the government to impose telemarketing fines on violators.  The FCC regulations also allow private consumers to directly sue telemarketers and sellers for up to $1,500 per violation.  Telemarketers must fully comply with FCC regulations, as well as all other state and federal telemarketing rules, in order to minimize their telemarketing exposure.  Be sure to connect with an experienced telemarketing attorney who can advise you regarding FCC regulations and telemarketing compliance.  A seasoned TCPA defense lawyer can defend your company from frivolous class action lawsuits and telemarketing fines, or help you audit your telemarketing practices.

How do these regulations affect business to business telemarketing compliance and charitable telemarketing compliance? Also, be sure to understand Do-Not-Call laws and DNC regulations.

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FCC Telemarketing Laws


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FCC Telemarketing Laws